Pre-Symposium 2017

The Pre-Symposium (PS), an event that precedes the main scientific meeting held since the seventh edition of the SVR that happened in São Paulo in 2004, aims to present an overview of the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): concepts, technologies and applications, as well as the content and programming of the main event. Thus, those who attend the PS, particularly students and professionals from other areas who are getting started with VR and AR technologies , will be able to take better advantage of the courses, lectures and other activities of the SVR.

Participants will also receive a book on the fundamentals of VR and AR. This book is a collaborative effort, coordinated and edited by the organizers of the PS, with the help of invited volunteer authors. These authors will be chosen among professionals with recognized competence and knowledge in the area. This book will be reviewed and updated annually and, hopefully, become a reference for introductory studies in virtual and augmented reality.

Want to collaborate?

If you have experience in the area of VR and AR and would like to collaborate with the elaboration of this book send the link of your Lattes CV to the email .

Co-Chairs of the Technical Committee

For any additional information, please contact the Co-Chairs of the PS SVR 2017:

  • Romero Tori (), USP
  • Marcelo S. Hounsell (), UDESC