Graduate Workshop (WTD SVR 2017)

The Workshop

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Graduate Workshop (WTD SVR 2017) provides a unique opportunity for students to discuss their master’s dissertations and doctoral theses. The aim of the Workshop is to allow the preliminary work to be evaluated by researchers with expertise in the SVR topics of interest. The ongoing work may further benefit from all the input gathered in the Workshop so that it may lead to a solid, improved work, as a result of the contributions provided by experts, other graduate students, as well as the industry and academic participants of the SVR 2017.

Besides receiving a preliminary evaluation, the workshop participants will have the opportunity to be in touch with an overview of research topics being exploited in graduate programs from Brazil and abroad. This experience has the great potential to help students who are yet to pinpoint their research topic, which may benefit from the brainstorming sessions. In addition, it may also lead to the establishement of new collaboration academic teams, with mutual shared research interests in the virtual and augmented reality areas.

Important: Submissions to the Workshop should be ongoing work.

WTD SVR 2017 will not receive any proposals that have already been finished or that are almost completed. Works that fall into this category should instead be submitted to the main track of SVR 2017. Moreover, paper’s proposals can be submitted to WTD SVR 2017 even if a similar full paper has been submitted to the main SVR 2017’s track.

Submission Instructions

The authors should submit two documents, as follows:

  1. Standard Research Report, containing a description of the main aspects of the work, as well as about the involved student(s). The report shall be submitted according to the standard form named: WTD SVR 2017 Research Report;
  2. Short Paper (2 pages maximum)), must be formatted using the IEEE Guidelines - US Letter size – and should clearly disclose the (expected) contributions of the work, considering the SVR topics of interest. A suggestion of paper organization would include the following sections: Introduction, Motivation (the problem being explored), Related Work, Proposed Solution, Preliminary Results and Conclusion.

The paper and research report may be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Both (Research Report and Short Paper) should be submitted in PDF format. Submissions in other formats will be discarded. The same will happen with submissions whose manuscript exceeds the two page limit or disregards the specified IEEE formatting.

The submissions should be made using the SBC’s JEMS system through the "SVR 2017 - WTD" entry.

Presentation and Publication

Selected Work Proposals will be presented during one of the Workshop technical sessions and will receive face-to-face technical feedback from experienced researchers on Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as from other participants of the Workshop. The papers will be available in the digital proceedings of the WTD SVR 2017.

Topics of Interest

The WTD SVR 2017 topics of interest are the same disclosed for the main track of the SVR 2017:

  • VR/AR/MR systems, frameworks and toolkits
  • 3D interaction
  • Input devices for VR/AR/MR
  • Haptics, audio, and other non-visual interfaces
  • User studies and evaluation
  • Tracking and sensing
  • Computer graphics techniques for VR/AR/MR
  • Immersive gaming / serious games
  • Virtual humans and avatars
  • Advanced display technology
  • Immersive projection technology
  • Multi-user and distributed VR/AR/MR
  • Perception, presence, and cognition in VR/AR/MR
  • Teleoperation and telepresence
  • Social, economic, and technical impacts of VR/AR/MR
  • Virtual environments evaluation

Camera-ready Submissions

The final version of your paper must be submitted with the SBC Copyright Form.

The template has the Copyright Form written in English and in Portuguese. It is not necessary to sign both. Authors must choose between one of the two, no matter the language in which the draft was written.

Co-Chairs of the Technical Committee

For any additional information, please contact the Co-Chairs of the WTD SVR 2017:

  • Luciana Nedel (), UFRGS
  • Andréia Formico (), UNIFOR

Important Dates

August 20th, 2017Check

Workshop Submissions

September 17th, 2017Check

Acceptance Notifications

October 1st, 2017Check

Camera-ready and Copyright Submissions